The two primary organs of State with overall responsibility for the policy are the Department of Health and The Expert Body on Fluorides and Health.

The matter would also fall under the remit of other Government Departments and State agencies but unfortunately, the modus operandi employed to date by most of these other organisations is to kick to touch, pass the buck or duck and dive…

From what can be deduced, The Expert Body for Fluorides and Health are responsible for managing the whole policy whilst the Minister for Health and the Department sign off on it.

During recent and ongoing communications, the entire position statement offered by both organisations in support of CWF has been shown to be largely based on a scientifically fraudulent and biased misrepresentation of various reports, reviews or judgements referred to.

A fully referenced refutation has been returned to the Minister for Health and The Expert Body, but alas, the attitude appears to be one of keep going despite a national history of the State being scandal prone where officials disregard or ignore multiple warnings made by private citizens in order to protect the reputations of those “Experts” who’ve signed off on the policy to date, and secondly, an attempt to protect the State from financial liability due to physical damage caused to the population attributable to the policy.


Below is a copy of the most recent communications between Fluoride Free Towns and the Government.  First is a letter sent by FFT last May (2016) calling into question the Constitutional status of water fluoridation in Ireland for which the Minister responded a month later but unfortunately failed to address many of the concerns raised.  In responding to the Minister’s letter, FFT provided a fully reference refutation outlining that the State’s position with regards water fluoridation was more or less a total fabrication and misrepresentation of the available literature. These communications were forwarded to all relevant Government Departments, State agencies and TDs.  For further info on other communications engaged in by this campaign, please see the Official Records section of this website.


FFT Constitutional Letter  Constitutionality of Water Fluoridation 19th May 2016

Minister’s Letter  Minister Simon Harris to Fluoride Free Towns 21st June 2016

FFT Response to Minister (cover letter)  FFT to Minister for Health 1st November 2016

Fully referenced refutation to Minister’s position / The Expert Body on Fluorides and Health  FFT Refutation to Department of Health’s CWF Position 1st November 2016

Members of the public seeking further references or clarification on the above communications are welcome to contact Fluoride Free Towns through the contact page of this website.